8 Fun Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence

Fun ways to use AI

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AI has undoubtedly contributed to some truly spectacular achievements in the modern era. We’ve all read about the incredible applications of AI in important industries like healthcare, technology, and education, as well as how AI may or may not replace many human jobs. The ethical considerations surrounding many different uses of artificial intelligence are also hotly debated and for good reason.

That being said, sometimes it’s fine to just have a little bit of fun with the latest AI tools. This article highlights just that – those ‘just for fun’ ways to use AI. Enjoy!

Drafting Song Lyrics, Poems & Scripts via ChatGPT

The latest development in AI is ChatGPT, a language-learning AI model that emulates a human reading and answering your questions. ChatGPT is the most advanced version of a chatbot that acts like your personal assistant – you can ask ChatGPT to help you understand a concept, research a topic, write an email for you, and even write or correct code. You name it, ChatGPT will try to do it.

As soon as ChatGPT was introduced, people all over the world got really creative and saw incredible results. One of the most mind-blowing things ChatGPT can do is write creatively if you give it the prompts. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to write you a script for an episode of Seinfeld, where Jerry needs to create a discounted cash flow.

The result is pretty mind-blowing and can be the source of hours of entertainment. I tried everything from Friends episodes, to raps by Eminem and Snoop Dogg and was thoroughly entertained for the better part of a Friday night!

Chatgpt song lyrics

Using AI to Create Living Photos of Dead Celebrities

Artificial intelligence can grasp what an image depicts, making the distinction between people and other animals or objects. AI also can create images of both objects and people. The creation of ideal images would be the following phase.

One of the most creative uses of this tech is by an Istanbul-based photographer named Alper Yesiltas. He shares incredible images of what dead celebrities would look like today if they were still alive. He posts these stunningly accurate representations on his Instagram, drawing thousands of likes and comments, as well as tons of requests for more celebrity images.

To visually revive and bring back to life deceased stars, Yesiltas used various picture editing tools, including Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, and the AI photo-enhancing program Remini.

AI dead celebraties

Generate a Custom Recipe via Scraps

We’ve all been there – tons of food in the house, but you end up ordering UberEats instead because you can’t be bothered to figure out what to cook.

No longer! There are now a few AI tools that generate customized recipes based on the ingredients you have in your fridge. For example, using Scraps, you simply type in the list of ingredients you need to use up and Scraps will automatically generate a personalized recipe for you.

AI custom recipes

DeepNash Playing Stratego

Over the COVID pandemic board games had a resurgence, as lots of people were stuck at home for weeks and months on end, looking for ways to entertain themselves. Although you and your family may have become experts in your favorite game over the past two years (for us it was Catan!), you’ll still be hugely impressed by how DeepMind’s AI tool mastered Stratego.

Stratego is a two-player board game, invented in the Netherlands, where the goal is to locate and seize your opponent’s flag. It’s similar to chess, but Stratego is played without knowing your opponent’s pieces. Stratego has the added complexity of incomplete knowledge, significantly increasing the possibilities, compared to chess.

DeepMind revealed that its AI, DeepNash, had achieved huge success playing Stratego. DeepNash did this by developing the bluffing technique (e.g., chasing established high pieces with concealed low-value pieces), another essential component of Stratego, and learned to judge situations outside the scope of material advantage.  DeepNash is able to not only calculate all possible moves and play the optimal move but also to emulate human emotions and techniques, by bluffing against the other player.

Stratego with DeepNash


AI Film Festival

People worldwide get together at the AI International Film Festival to discuss how artificial intelligence is changing the film world.

The cutting-edge event was started by Runway ML, an AI company known for developing the ground-breaking text-to-image tool Stable Diffusion. The AI Film Festival is scheduled to take place in February 2023, and will undoubtedly showcase more ground-breaking developments in AI technology.

AI International Film Festival

Gift Ideas by AI

With the holidays just around the corner, lots of us are scouring the internet for the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life.

Amazon has been the leader in predictive purchasing, including gifting over the past 20 years but there are some new players leveraging the latest AI tech to recommend unique and thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list.

For example, GiftIdeas is a chatbot that can assist you in finding the ideal present. You chat with the bot for a few minutes about the person you’re buying for and what your budget is and instantly GiftIdeas will come up with some great ideas, all for free!

AI gift ideas

Disney’s AI Tool that makes Actors Look Younger or Older

For decades, Disney has been at the forefront of the latest tech in entertainment. AI is no exception – they’re using the latest AI tech as a time machine, to make our favorite actors look older or younger, allowing them to take on various new roles.

In movies and ads, photorealistic digital re-aging is expensive to produce and requires artists to manually go through each scene, frame-by-frame, to adjust the character’s appearance and likeness. There have been previous attempts to use AI, including machine learning and neural networks, to automate this demanding, expensive task.

A new face aging network, known as FRAN, that streamlines the aging process of performers in videos is demonstrated in a new study by Disney Research Studios, which focuses on technological advancements for the filmmaking industry.

FRAN is a neural network that uses neural face models that were previously trained on thousands of photos of faces without considering age. Deep neural networks are utilized to build neural face models, which are used in facial animation and digital work.

Disney AI


Google AI Duet

The newest AI project from Google is a piano-playing bot that attempts to play back any keyboard melodies you offer it after digesting them. The cool tool, AI Duet, is a part of Google’s Creative Lab division’s continuous effort to assist the general public in getting more familiar with AI and how it can imitate human behavior—and even produce art.

With the AI Duet, you can play melodies on your computer’s keyboard or connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer, and the computer will try to play a duet with you. Gone are the days where you need to seek out a bandmate to make music with – you can do this at home with Google as your bandmate.

Google AI duet



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