ChatGPT is a Game Changer


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OpenAI, the AI company behind GPT-3 and DALL-E, just published their new tool, ChatGPT, and it is truly a game changer in AI development.

It has the capability of understanding and responding to human queries in advanced ways, and the results it provides are impressive.

The public’s reaction so far is “This is the end of Google”. Now that is a hot take if I ever heard one. Though after seeing the results of ChatGPT, they may need to adapt as there may finally be a competitor capable of supplanting the search giant.

What’s new in Open AI’s ChatGPT is that:

  • It remembers what users said earlier in the conversation
  • It allows users to provide follow-up corrections
  • It is trained to decline inappropriate requests

There are still limitations, like it may occasionally generate incorrect information and it is limited with knowledge of the world post-2021, so it does need to be fact-checked. We must remember that we are still in the early stages of the AI transformation.

There are many publications that have covered the technical aspects of ChatGPT and how it builds on earlier iterations of their generative text tools like InstructGPT and GPT-3.

We thought the best way to show you the power of ChatGPT is with real examples of how you can use it on a daily basis, or how you can leverage it at your job, whether you are an accountant, a programmer, or a content creator.

Programming with ChatGPT

Stumped on some code? Trying to diagnose an issue with your code? These are common problems that programmers face.

Imagine a scenario where you were looking for a bug in the code you just wrote. You may start with Google and come across a StackOverflow thread. You may have to post on that website and wait hours or days for a response.

Now, what if you had an AI chat always available to answer all your questions? Look at this response produced by ChatGPT when asking it to find the bug in the code. Not only does it find the bug, but it provides a detailed explanation!

chatgpt find bug in code

Using ChatGPT as an alternative to Google

We all know that Google can send us down a rabbit hole to find solutions, relying on its algorithm to feed us the correct answers.

Let’s say you are looking to understand how to represent a differential equation in LaTex.

If you were to search:

google question

Now with ChatGPT, you receive a quality response with a lot of breadth and depth.

Using ChatGPT to create content

One of the most impressive features of ChatGPT is its ability to be creative and create content.

The opportunities are truly endless in what you can ask it.

For the accounting and finance fans, you’ll enjoy this example where we ask ChatGPT to “Write the complete script of a Seinfeld scene in which Jerry needs to learn how to make a discounted cash flow. Include frequent jokes and note audience laughter in the script.”

Have you had a chance to test out this latest OpenAI development? If so, please share your results!

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