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Using AI Translate Content

How to Use AI to Translate Your Content

Until relatively recently, language translation heavily on human translators. In recent years, the race for machine translation has been on and machine translation has come

AI Performance Marketing

Guide to Using AI in Performance Marketing

If you are a business owner or marketing professional, then chances are you are already leveraging performance marketing. Performance marketing allows you to assess and

AI in Accounting

Guide to Using AI in Accounting

AI has come to the accounting profession in a big way, with some estimating that it could replace up to 3 million jobs over the

AI in graphics design

Guide to Using AI in Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most effective tools in modern marketing. The visuals created by graphic designers effectively attract, inform, and engage consumers. Needless

AI in Human Resources

Guide to Using AI in Human Resources

HR is the beating heart of any organization. Human Resources solutions are especially crucial in the post-pandemic world that’s facing massive employee turnover rates combined

Artificial Intelligence audits

Guide to Using AI in Audits

Computers and software have revolutionized the audit and assurance industry over the past twenty years. From eliminating hard-copy documents to using excel for complex calculations,

Overview AI Chatbots

Overview of AI Chatbots

Language is a tool to communicate and make sense of an infinite world, through a finite set of symbols. Understanding language and communicating with humans

accounts payable and AI

Leverage AI In Your Accounts Payable Process

A highly manual system, the accounts payable process is riddled with places for human errors. However, with the advent of machine learning and technologies like

Using AI Video Content

Guide to Using AI in Video Creation

Artificial intelligence is gradually proving its worth in digital marketing. It is helping marketers improve their content quality and deliver a greater customer experience. With