Chelsea M.

Chelsea M.

Chelsea M.

I've worked in finance, operations, and management for over a decade. I got my start in accounting (where I got my CPA) and eventually moved into finance and operations management. I now oversee the day-to-day operations of a sizable department for a multinational firm. I am in charge of my business unit's profit and loss statement, how well my staff does their jobs, and how the business unit runs every day. I've always been quick to learn and use new technologies to speed up work, boost productivity and morale, and help my teams reach higher levels of success. I've recently turned my attention back to artificial intelligence and have been reading about how it can be used in HR, finance, operations management, and team management. In my opinion, AI may facilitate the automation of routine tasks, the improvement of decision-making, and the production of fruitful business outcomes in corporations and other organizations. To that end, I'm eager to impart the benefit of my AI knowledge and experience to businesses so that they may realize AI's full potential. review

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