Five AI Tools for Software Engineering

5 AI Tools for Software Engineering

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Software engineering is the process of designing, creating, testing, and maintaining software using a systematic and structured approach.  It involves using engineering principles to make software, with the goal of making software that is high-quality, reliable, and effective. It also looks at the software life cycle and how software needs to be maintained over time.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five artificial intelligence tools for software engineering, development, and coding.


Supported by Alpha, Java, and Typescript, Buildt is an AI-powered super search that allows you to immediately find the exact code snippet you are looking for. And once you find that code base, Buildt’s AI allows you to make changes to it, remove legacy content, and generate an entirely new code along similar lines. And you can do this just by describing the context in words—now this seems really helpful, no?

How does Buildt work?

How does Buildt work

Buildt is a great tool for developers, as it frees them from the hassle of generating new code from scratch. Developers can just describe their needs in simple, plain English, and Buildt develops complete codes and may even suggest entirely new functions to use.

What does Buildt have to offer?

buildt features

These are the top features Buildt is currently offering:

  • Generate code from a text description
  • Extend your existing code’s functionality and develop entirely new use cases
  • With its Super Search feature, remove legacy content on the go
  • Clear up duplicated or fake content
  • Runs on local your local machine so you get to work whenever, wherever you want to
  • Buildt soon will be providing support for more than 15 different languages – stay tuned! is a user-friendly interface that allows you to tap into the power of GPT-3. Be it fine-tuning your own model or building a symmetric search base on your datasets, offers a whole new experience for building GPT-3-powered apps without the need to code.

How does Retune work?

How does Retune work makes building complex APIs as easy as filling out a form with the required details. You give your model a title and fill in the prompts. Once you’re done filling out the details, just train your model, deploy it, fine-tune it, and then release it to production! You can then turn any prompt into a chatbot. You can also create 10 chatbots API with its free version or upgrade for unlimited access.

What does offer?

Although Retune is currently still in development, you can get early access by subscribing to their mailing list. But checking out early could be helpful now that GPT-3 is becoming the user’s search experience’s front end. We have summarized their top features for you:

  • Build complex GPT-powered apps without writing any code
  • Highly interactive user interface to make app development seamless
  • Rich playground to train your own AI models and build anything: from chatbots to personal assistants – you name it!
  • Get your ideas out of the pipeline and into production quickly
  • A free account to help you get started

Text to SQL with AI is yet another AI-based code generator that saves you time writing SQL queries. Of course, SQL is hard. And if there is anything that can help you save money while developing your SQL codebase, it is

How does work?

As its name suggests, is an AI-powered online service that lets you turn your thoughts into complex SQL queries. It supports MySQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, SQLite, and many dialects.

Just give Text2SQL context about your schemas and the database you are working with, and it will automate the entire process of SQL code generation. Powered by Open AI’s GPT-3 codex backend integrations, provides a seamless user experience.

What features does have?

  • Turn English prompts to SQL and vice versa, instantly
  • Uses the most advanced NLP tool – the same model that powers GitHub Copilot
  • Supports SELECT, UPDATE, & DELETE Queries
  • Also handles CREATE and ALTER TABLE requests, constraints, window functions
  • Creates a personalized schema database
  • Ideal platform to help beginners learn how to write SQL queries
  • Enables SQL professionals to save time
  • is completely free to use

AI Code Reviewer

AI Code Reviewer is a web-based tool that allows developers to review code and collaborate on code development.

Built on the Vercel platform, Code-Reviewer allows developers to review code, collaborate with their team, and also provides feedback for code under development.

It helps improve the quality of the code, by ensuring that it is free of bugs and errors before deploying to production.

Code-Reviewer can be used to review code written in multiple languages, it can be easily integrated with various development tools, and it supports different platforms.

How does AI Code Reviewer Work?

AI code reviewer is a highly simple online service. Just go to their official website and get your code reviewed by AI on the go. This has been shown in the image below. The blank space on the left is the space for you to paste your code in. Hit the blue button at the bottom to get it reviewed. So what features does this code reviewer offers, let’s summarize them one by one.

AI Code Reviewer

What does AI Code Reviewer have to offer?

  • Provides a platform for active team collaboration
  • Enables users to share code snippets, add comments, and track changes to your code
  • Improves the quality of yourcode while taking care of bugs
  • Reviews code written in multiple languages.
  • Easily integrates with various development tools while supporting different platforms.


The first-ever platform built for “prompt engineers,” PromptLayer is a software as a service (SaaS) product that lets you keep track of your OpenAI API requests and prompts. It allows you to track, replay, and debug your old completions.

How does PromptLayer work?

Since prompt engineering is an iterative process, PromptLayer makes sure you have all the information you need to track, debug, and replay all your completions.

What does PromptLayer have to offer?

  • A highly simple product to get started with
  • Sign up for free and explore in your free time
  • Dashboard that allows you to see all your old prompts
  • Collaborate on prompts with other stakeholders
  • Makes prompt exploration a whole new experience



With the introduction of ChatGPT, we’ve seen an explosion in AI-based tools that replicate the work software engineers do right now. From writing code to reviewing and debugging code, AI-based tools are being experimented with by developers all over the world.

Although it doesn’t seem like coders or developers will be completely replaced by artificial intelligence anytime soon, the companies and engineering teams that find ways to leverage these tools will be the most successful, given the huge shortage of tech talent globally right now and the price you pay for an experienced developer.


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5 AI Tools for Software Engineering

Five AI Tools for Software Engineering

Software engineering is the process of designing, creating, testing, and maintaining software using a systematic and structured approach.  It involves using engineering principles to make