Originality.AI Review: AI Content Detector review

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At InfinitePeer, we are reviewing all the AI content detectors. With the recent release of ChatGPT and the increasing use of generative artificial intelligence tools like Jasper, it is now important to be able to tell if content was written by a human or an AI.

So, how do we know if a piece of writing was made by a person or an AI tool?

AI content detectors have the ability to identify who created the text, on a scale of AI to human. Just as plagiarism tools were needed to stop the growing trend of stealing content from others, we must now find a way to detect whether artificial intelligence is the content creator.

In this review, we examine Originality.AI in detail. We put it through six tests and see whether it can effectively detect AI content.

What is Originality.AI?

Similar to Copyleaks and Crossplag, Originality.AI is both a plagiarism checker and AI detector.

Originality.AI was built by a team of GPT-3 experts and content marketers and claims to have a 94% accuracy.

Originality.AI claims to be focused on “serious web publishers” rather than academia. We’ve seen a lot of other content detection tools aimed at academics. They both have their use cases for a tool such as this, though each group may have slightly different needs.

Don’t get us wrong; students plagiarizing and leveraging ChatGPT to do their homework is an issue. Originality.AI has a feature set that meets the needs of those that are publishing vast amounts of content on the web.

They target three types of users:

  • Web publishers
  • Website buyers
  • Content agencies

Key Features of Originality.AI

Originality has a growing feature set, with many features soon to be released.

These features include:

  • Proprietary algorithm: They have their own AI that can detect many of the popular content writers based on GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO, and GPT-J.
  • 94% accuracy: They claim to have 94% accuracy on 50 words or more.
  • Team management: Users can add and remove an unlimited number of team members, control access, and see full activity reports.
  • Full site scan (soon to be launched): Not yet launched, but there is a plan to add the ability to scan an entire set. This is a big improvement from the current methods of having to copy and paste text.
  • API integration: An API is available for you to integrate within your current content creation workflows.
  • Chrome extension: The chrome extension allows users to detect content on the fly, whether you are on a Google Doc, Gmail, or any other website.

Signing up for Originality.AI

Signing up for Originality.AI is easy (note that it is still in Beta). You will need to pay to use the service, but you can get a free trial of 50 credits (1 credit = 100 words) by downloading the Chrome Extension.

  1. Go to their website and find the link to the Chrome Extension.
  2. Download the extension.
  3. Click the Sign Up button from the Chrome Extension.
  4. After registration, you will receive 50 credits to use.

With the Chrome Extension, it is easy to use. Simply highlight the text, right-click, and “scan with Originality”.

How accurate is Originality.AI detection?

We are testing each tool by putting them through six content detection tests.

  • We generated 3 different types of AI-written content using ChatGPT.
  • We used 3 human-written pieces of content, two from our website and one from the web.

This is the best way to standardize comparisons from one tool to the next. Our expectations is that the ChatGPT content will be labeled as 100% artificial intelligence, while the human-written content is 0% AI (or 100% human).

Let’s see whether Originality passed the test.

AI-Written Sample One

Putting the first sample through Originality’s detector was a success. It detected 99% AI content.

originality ai test one

AI-Written Sample Two

The second sample was also detected successfully. This time around, it achieved a 98% match.

originality ai test two

AI-Written Sample Three

Lastly, the final AI-written sample is a success. Another 99% score.

originality ai test three

Next, we will test the three human-written samples, expecting a 0% AI score.

Human-Written Sample 1

The first one passes the test with flying colors: 0% AI and 100% Original!

originality human test one

Human-Written Sample 2

The second one also passes the test. This one interestingly detects a 5% AI score (though we know it should be zero since we wrote it!).

originality human test two

Human-Written Sample 3

The third sample is from a Forbes article. It passes as well, though with a 7% AI score. Originality is confident enough that it was written by a human, but we still have to ask: Forbes, did you cheat?

originality human test three


Originality.AI did an excellent job at deciphering between AI content and human content. On average, the ChatGPT written content was 99% detected as AI. On average, the human written content was 96% original (i.e., human).

Originality successfully passed the test!

Can Originality.AI be fooled?

We have identified several ways to “fool” these content detectors. We have done it successfully with Crossplag and Copyleaks, among others.

These tools can be fooled by:

  • Changing punctuation
  • Making spelling errors
  • Paraphrasing

We put Originality through the exact same test as we did for the others. We made some small tweaks to AI sample text one, which received a score of 99%.

originality Ai fooled

Originality was fooled! And by a large margin! The result was 98% Original, which is even higher than some of the scores we received for human-written content. That’s a pretty crazy result.


The free account that you get when you download the Chrome Extension is good for 100 credits. Based on the ratio of 1 credit = 100 words, this is good for 10,000 words. This is enough to meaningfully test the tool and its features.

Credits can be purchased at a rate of $20 for 2,000 credits. 2,000 credits translates into 200,000 words.

We find this to be excellent value compared to many of the other content detection tools currently available. To pay $0.01 for 100 words is affordable for a wide range of users, and almost a no-brainer for a content creation agency that is employed many writers.


These tests we have done for Originality.AI demonstrates that it can reliably detect AI. All companies that hire writers, content managers, or SEO experts need a reliable tool for spotting AI, and Originality is a good fit. We are eager to see the new features that are launched as they will greatly enhance content creation and review workflows.

If you have used Originality, please tell us about it! We’d love to hear about your experiences, and we’ll add your comments to this Originality.AI review.

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