Using AI in Sentiment Analysis To Drive Business Performance

AI in Sentiment Analysis

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Emotions are powerful motivators, and people often demonstrate them in a wide range of behaviors. Customers demonstrate this when they submit reviews on your company’s website. In order to keep tabs on how often your brand is mentioned online, you must constantly monitor the internet.

More specifically, it is important to monitor unfavorable reviews from customers. But how precisely can a company keep tabs on social media on such a massive scale? Obviously, hiring people to do this isn’t a good idea. After all, who has such a large budget? In addition, it is not feasible. Who has the time or resources to monitor the entire internet? I’ve heard of some companies that have customer service reps monitor Facebook comments and Twitter posts, though it is not possible to catch every single brand mention.  With social media platforms catering to reviewers, customer feedback might appear at any time.

Now, is there a way out of this? Of course, yes! AI is making progress in this area with sentiment analysis, also known as “Emotion AI”. So, let us get to know a little about what it is before we see how you may leverage it to improve business performance.

What is Sentiment Analysis? A Quick Overview

It’s a scientific method that looks at textual evidence to make a judgment about how people are feeling. It’s as if a robot is trying to understand human emotions and sentiments by reading between the lines of written and spoken language.

Reviewers frequently share their thoughts and impressions of a product, service, place, or other topics on the internet in the form of reviews. “Dishonest service”, “Wow”, “amazing”, “happy”, and every other word carry with them a range of feelings. AI-bots can now be programmed to recognize all these words and alert us to any particularly troubling ones by assigning them categories and universal sentiments.

What Is AI Sentiment Analysis

See how positive experiences are shown in green (Jenny T) while the negative ones are in red (Robert J)? – An AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis Tool by Brand24

How is Sentiment Analysis being Used in Industry?

  • Brand Monitoring

Naturally, keeping tabs on the success of your individual brand in the marketplace should come first on the list. Therefore, there are a lot of uses for sentiment analysis in the realm of brand management and monitoring.

Sentiment analysis software can help you understand how people feel about your business. You can now monitor the online conversations and actions of experts, whether they are podcast hosts or Instagram influencers spreading the word about your brand.

Maintaining a positive image for your brand is as simple as doing this. Easy monitoring at its finest: just keep an eye out and intervene in any threads or discussions that seem relevant.

  • Customer Support

Most successful businesses have helpful customer service departments and feedback systems. After all, a company cannot survive without its customers. That’s why companies spend millions every year just to enhance their customer support departments and processes.

Businesses can upgrade their customer service to the next level with the help of sentiment analysis. Customer comments and complaints are often accompanied by strong emotions. Businesses can sort positive and negative reviews to determine which customers are in the most desperate need of assistance.

Not having to go through the routine of providing standard feedback is a huge time saver. This way, you can guarantee that the vast majority of your clients will be satisfied with their experience and will keep coming back.

  • Social Media

It’s no surprise that social media has become a marketplace. As social media evolves into social e-commerce, businesses are seeing huge increases in revenue.

Also, you can control what information about your brand is shown anywhere on social networks by using sentiment analysis. Features like hashtag tracking, which are powered by artificial intelligence, make sure that your business never falls behind during a hashtag campaign.

Sentiment analysis ensures that you are informed of both successful and unsuccessful campaigns. In this way, you’ll have time to implement necessary changes before the campaign gains steam.

What is Brand24?

Loved by thousands of businesses like Uber, GlaxoSmithKline, Intel, and more, Brand24 is an online solution to help businesses monitor media, track competition, and manage their online reputation. Powered by AI capabilities and sentiment analysis algorithms, Brand24 is a tool to gain valuable insights from customer reviews, thereby helping to improve customer satisfaction. It helps you keep track of where your brand is mentioned in the media and lets you know right away what to do.

So what exactly does Brand24 offer to muster such a large brand following?

What does Brand24 have to Offer?

  • Get instant access to brand mention no matter where it occurs. Be it news, blogs, forums, podcasts, or reviews – Brand24 makes sure to monitor the media for you!
  • Track your competition in a highly digital business environment.
  • Manage your online reputation on the go – respond to dissatisfied customers before the story gathers momentum.
  • Detect segment positive, negative, and neutral brand mentions with its advanced sentiment analysis algorithms.
  • Get instantly notified of negative mentions – engage in a conversation before it gets ahead of you!
  • A highly simple analysis center, live webinars, and chat rooms to help you get started.
  • Integrated with Facebook and Instagram data.
  • A free 14-day trial to help you make your decision.

Image: Sentiment-analysis-GIF


How does Brand24 Work?

Working with Brand24 is simple and intuitive. Let us see how to get started with it—do not worry, Brand24 offers a free trial to experience its capabilities on the go. Let us create our first project with Brand24 in three easy steps.

Step 1: Sign up for the 14-day free trial to use Brand24. It just requires your business email and a password, nothing else. Assuming you have signed up for the free trial, you will see a white dashboard screen to help you start your first project. The dashboard is going to change once you are done with the tutorial.

Brand24 Sentiment Analysis Step 1

Step 2: Once you have signed up, you will be prompted to enter some keywords you want to track on the web. These keywords can be anything: a brand, a competitor, a new product range, or even hashtags. Once you’ve finished typing in the keywords and separating them with a comma, press the next button. For demonstration, we will search for “Artificial Intelligence”, and “AI Tools”, and see where exactly these keywords have appeared on news stories recently.

Brand24 Sentiment Analysis Step 2

Step 3: Now you will be asked to select the desired language in which to search. Brand24 currently supports 24 different languages that you can track your keywords in. You may select “All Languages” or choose one from the drop-down list—your call. We have selected “All Languages” and hit “Next.”

Brand24 Sentiment Analysis Step 3

The results have been shown below:

Brand24 Sentiment Analysis Results

It now displays a list of all mentions. You have the ability to connect to various sources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Podcasts, Forums, Videos and other internet properties. This will allow you to scrape the internet for all mentions and reach, and discover the sentiment of your audience. Social media has become a powerful tool and there are now becoming many AI tools available to improve your performance marketing strategy.

brand24 first project dashboard




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