Using AI to Improve Your Recruitment Processes

AI recruitment processes

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From Vera, the AI-powered robot that has conducted over 10,000 job interviews, to AI algorithms live screening applicants – hiring is undergoing a revolution.

Almost all Fortune 500 companies use some form of automation in their hiring processes, helping them find the best talent. By quantifying human behavior, facial expressions, voice fluctuations and tone, body language, and micro-expressions, AI can now be leveraged quite heavily in recruitment.

The quality of the interactions driven by AI is so high that many job candidates don’t recognize they are not being assessed by humans. After analyzing the candidates’ behaviors, AI tools then compare their ratings to a company’s top performers, helping recruiters during the decision-making process, says HireVue.

How can you use AI in your Recruitment Process?

Artificial intelligence is already helping businesses make faster decisions across many departments, including Human Resources. During recruitment, AI tools can expedite a number of parts of the process leading to more efficient hiring. Here are the top ways you can leverage AI in your recruitment and hiring processes.

  • AI matching to find the best candidates

The first on this list is Applicant Tracking Systems often shortened to “ATS”. These systems effectively track different applicants but go far beyond simple tracking. AI-powered ATSs actually review resumes by seeing, reading, and then analyzing the content based on keywords. From there, top candidates are short-listed for recruiters to review. This means that recruiters spend less time sorting resumes and weeding out applicants and more time focused on the top candidates. Harvard Business Review estimates that 99% of Fortune 500 companies now use ATS.

  • Auto-schedule interviews

Once short-listed candidates are selected, the typical next step is interviewing these people. Coordinating with candidates to schedule interviews can be slow, time-consuming, tedious, and a friction point for candidates, leading to the loss of qualified candidates. 60% of recruiters report that they regularly lose candidates because they are not able to schedule them for interviews fast enough.

With companies spending thousands of dollars to acquire top candidates, it is highly cost-ineffective to lose them just because of scheduling issues. With AI automated interview scheduling, companies are now reducing the time spent on scheduling by more than 50%. That number is even higher for high-volume roles. This is especially true at staffing agencies in the healthcare, industrial, and warehouse/ supply chain industries.

With automated interview scheduling using bots, chatbots, or conversational AI, you can conveniently schedule and reschedule interviews. Not only do these tools speed up the process, but make the candidate experience better and the process seamless.

Simple interview scheduling tools let your recruitment teams set up their available hours and candidates can book time directly on the calendar.

The more advanced conversational AI interview solutions tools like Mya take the interview process to the next level. Advanced tools not only handle the early-stage engagement but also the later stages where the candidate wants to reschedule, postpone or cancel their interview.

Candidates Self-select Interview Time with Phenom

  • Automatically answer candidates’ questions

AI chatbots are being used in many areas of business, from customer support to internal HR to external recruiting.

With automated chatbots, AI helps relieve pressure from HR departments and also ensures that all the candidates’ questions are answered quickly and correctly. These AI-driven bots provide candidates with real-time HR personnel to deal with follow-up questions before, during, and after the interview process.

  • Perform candidate assessments/ screening

With 52% of talent acquisition firms finding screening candidates their biggest challenge, AI driven assessments and screening are becoming more commonplace.

If your recruitment team wants to make fairer, faster, and more accurate hiring decisions then it’s time to delegate some of your work to Automated Interview Scoring & Assessment Tools. These tools use AI to evaluate candidate responses to interview questions and provide hiring teams with recommended scores. These assessments are often less biased than human interview scores.

Since they are powered by AI, these tools also support hundreds of languages and understand various dialects, opening up hiring across countries and continents.

Example Use Case: Create a Phenomenal Talent Acquisition Experience with Phenom


What is Phenom?

Built to hire candidates faster, develop them better, and retain them for a longer period, Phenom is an Intelligent Talent Experience Platform that provides the speed, scalability, and efficiency to manage your recruitment processes.

With its AI-driven intelligent chatbot, Content Management System (CMS), Hosted Application Processes, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Interview Management, Career Pathing, this tool is really a one-stop solution to increase recruitment productivity.

Key Features:

  • Fit Score: Phenom will automatically score each candidate that applies, so recruiters spend less time reviewing resumes and profiles and more time talking to the top candidates. Phenom’s fit score is dynamic and learns from past hiring decisions to continuously improve its ability to rank candidates.

  • Hiring Dashboards: Phenom provides bias-free dashboards that ensure recruiters are evaluating candidates fairly, based on skills, experience, and education and not personal attributions like gender, race, religion, or disability status.
  • AI Cloud-Sourcing: Phenom’s AI cloud sourcing boosts the productivity of a recruitment team by automatically sourcing potential candidates from public sources, based on your company’s past recruiting efforts – including current employees and past candidates. This tool removes the time-consuming and often tedious task of manually sourcing candidates across LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and other recruitment platforms.

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