How to Upscale Your Images Using AI Image Enhancers

AI Image Enhancement

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With new automation tools hitting the market every day, Artificial Intelligence is transforming the marketing and graphic design industries in big ways. Today, this brings us to an interesting topic – how is AI revolutionizing the niche of photo editing?

I’m sure you have come across situations where you take, what you think to be an amazing picture, only to find out that the main element is not in focus or the image quality is not quite right. Of course, professional editors can help you touch up your photos but that requires time and resources, right? And if you are running on a low budget, perhaps, you might put this off until another day if you are not a photoshop expert.

However, AI image enhancement tools now provide you with a one-stop solution to both photo editing and resource constraint. For both professionals and amateur hobbyists, it is an amazing tool that can now turn previously unusable image content into a unique, creative, and professional-looking catalog.

So what is image enhancement via AI and how does it work?

What are AI Image Enhancers?

AI image enhancers can be online, web-based solutions, or downloadable ones that let you edit and enhance your images on the go. Many image enhancers only require you to upload your image content while AI does the enhancement work.

These AI-powered tools improve the quality of your picture or image without compromising on any features or details. Simply put, they provide high-resolution, upscaled rendered images that par the finesse offered by professional photographers.

Why use AI Image Enhancers?

AI image enhancement saves your resources by taking care of all the photo editing work for you. It provides unique upscaling features, smart hue & color adjustments, and tone and compression removal – virtually, it is your go-to editing assistant.

When it comes to marketing, we all know how critical visual content is to the success of promotional campaigns, ads, and conversion. With businesses turning to social media to attract customers, people now expect high-resolution images next to the leading brand image. Lower-quality images could keep you from increasing user engagement and driving high conversion rates.

At times, the cost of photo editing forced businesses (especially smaller ones) to settle for lower-quality images, and it was understandable. But now, with AI tools to turn your poor-quality image content into professional-looking stock photos, there is nothing holding you back from running a campaign you can be proud of. A few clicks of a button can make a huge difference to your brand image!

What do AI Image Enhancers have to Offer?

  • Image Upscaling without Losing Quality

A problem that businesses often face is the difficulty of enlarging an image without losing the quality, texture, resolution, and most importantly, the clarity of the inlaid visual text. This is often the case when upscaling images and photos to feature on billboards, posters, and during promotional product campaigns.

However, AI tools are now here to save us the trouble of resizing. With smart generative AI algorithms working at the back end, they resize your photos without distorting the pixel concentration.

So when you send these photos for printing, you get a high-resolution image no matter what the size is. For instance, Let’s offers 500 MP of image upscaling.

  • Color & Tone Enhancement

Another amazing feature of AI enhancers is the color correction, tone adjustment, and adding contrast to your photos that might just need a little bit of touch-up.

You can enhance your images with just a click, with the AI tool working in the background on the editing. It not only corrects the lighting but also brings your desired elements into focus.

Consider the Faces Algorithm of the Let’s Enhance tool (further illustrated below). It gives you everything to bring you into the limelight with intelligent face detection algorithms, that specifically focus on touching up one thing in the photo: You!

  • Smart Enhance every Image Detail

If you want your photos to get high-resolution print-ready with you doing (virtually) nothing, then AI image enhancers are the solution! Yes, with their automated editing process, AI does all the work of ‘smartly enhancing’ your photos without you having to check all the details. It resizes your photos, upscales them, enhances the color quality, adds the right amount of lighting, brightens it up, and optimizes the tone & contrast to make it visually appealing – all in one click!

Example Use Case: Let’s Enhance!

Let's Enhance AI Image Enhancer

Providing better color, quality, tone, enhancement, upscaling, texture, and presets of images, Lets offers an all-in-one solution to photo editing. Powered via intelligent AI, it has been developed for many use cases, including E-commerce, Real-Estate, Printing, Graphic & 3D design, Digital Art, and Personal Use – catering to the increasing demand for high-resolution image rendering.

What does Let’s Offer?

  • Upscale your image content without losing quality – HD, 4K, or better? You get to choose!
  • Increase image size up to 500 MP.
  • Automatically enhance images with a single click to fulfill your personal and business needs.
  • Make use of user-generated content and turn it into high-resolution print ready images.
  • Offers batch editing, one-click preset and enhancement, color correction, and more.
  • A free plan with 10 credits – 1 credit for 1 image processing – to help you witness Let’s Enhance capabilities!

Ever since AI-generated images won a digital art competition (read up on the story of the Colorado State Fair), AI-image generators like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion have become quite famous in the photo-art industry.

As AI-generated image content finds use in the marketing industry, the demand to touch up and upscale image content increases. Therefore, let us demonstrate the AI-generated image upscaling feature offered by Let’s Enhance 2.0.

Upscaling with Let’s Enhance Tutorial

Step 1: Sign up for the free trial and get 10 free credits to experiment with. You will find a dashboard just like the one below:

Lets Enhance AI

Step 2: For this specific example we are going to upscale and enhance a DALL-E-generated image of a robot-powered world as the one below. Upload your image from your computer or drag and drop it right on the dashboard.

Dall-E image

Step 3: So, with the free version, you can now upscale your photos to 4 times the original resolution. The paid version offers a much greater resolution.

Also, Let’s Enhance lets you choose your specific picture format before and after the rendering takes place. For instance, if you deal with digital art, then it’s highly recommended to choose the digital art format to let the back-end AI algorithms of Let’s Enhance adjust themselves, accordingly.

For this example, we’ll select 2x resolution with Light AI, Color Enhancement, and Tone Adjustment checked.

Moreover, you may choose the specific type of output file you require: JPEG, PNG, or Auto. We let it stay at AUTO – click Start Processing. 

The steps to these are shown in the GIF below to help you get there faster!

See how the image on the right is more detailed, visually appealing, and sharp; shows color contrast, especially, since the shadows are outlined perfectly now. That is what Let’s Enhance has to offer!

Let's Enhance Before and After


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