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copyleaks review

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Since there are so many GPT-based AI content writers, we’ve started to talk a lot about AI content detectors at InfinitePeer.

Yet, not every piece of AI-generated content can be relied upon to be correct. AI content can still make errors, and it is not always factually correct.

Because of this, it is very important that AI-made content be reviewed and edited by humans before it is made public.

So, how do we know if a piece of writing was created by a person or an AI program?

One way to find out if a piece of text was made by artificial intelligence is to use tools that are made to analyze and detect this content. Here, we examine and review Copyleaks in detail and explain whether it is a good fit!

What is Copyleaks?

Similar to Crossplag, which we tested in-depth, Copyleaks originally started off as a plagiarism check and has now expanded to offer AI content detection.

Copyleaks claims to have 99.12% accuracy at detecting AI content, including ChatGPT content. It uses AI technology to detect the presence of artificial intelligence. In a battle of AI versus AI, who will win?

It claims that its technology will always be able to adapt as GPT evolves and becomes more sophisticated.

In addition to its plagiarism check and AI detection tool, Copyleaks offers an AI grading tool that works for standardized exams and open-ended questions and a code plagiarism checker which works for Python, C++, and Java. All these tools are powered by Copyleak’s AI technology.

copyleaks screenshot

Key Features of Copyleaks

There’s broad use cases for Copyleaks, given its extensive list of features.

These features include:

  • API integration: Allows for integration and full customization into your own platform
  • Five languages: It works in English, Spanish, French, German, and even Portuguese!
  • LMS integration: It can be integrated into several LMS platforms including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Schoology, and Brightspace.
  • Internal platform: They have their own platform for which you can use Copyleaks and keep track of all your historical scans and results.
  • Chrome extension: The chrome extension allow you to use the tool on the go, across any website you come across.
  • Military-grade security and privacy: Its cloud-based system architecture provides for 256-bit encryption with SSL connection, and 100% data transferred using secure channels.

Signing up for Copyleaks

It’s an easy process to sign up for Crossleaks.

  1. Create an account on their website.
  2. After login, you will be taken to the dashboard app.
  3. Upload your text, whether it is a file, url, source doc, or text.
  4. See the results.

It’s very simple to use. You get 3 free pages to text out the product. Pricing is further discussed below.

How accurate is Copyleaks AI detection?

If you read our other AI content detection reviews, we tested each tool by putting them through six tests.

  • We generated 3 different types of AI-written content using ChatGPT.
  • We used 3 human-written pieces of content, two from our website and one from a Forbes article.

This seemed like the best way to standardize comparisons from one tool to the next. Ideally, the ChatGPT content would be labeled as 100% artificial intelligence, while the human-written text would be 0%.

Let’s see whether Copyleaks passed the test.

AI-Written Sample One

Putting this through the detector was a success. Suspected cheating was detected! In addition, it achieved an 87.8% match in terms of plagiarism.

copyleaks AI written 1

AI-Written Sample Two

Putting this through the detector was not a success. No suspected cheating was detected. Though it achieves an 81.2% match for plagiarism.

copyleaks AI written 2

AI-Written Sample Three

Putting this one through the detector was also a success. Suspected cheating was detected. On the other hand, there was no plagiarism. It is AI created, though it is 100% original. Interesting result.

copyleaks AI written 3

Human-Written Sample 1

Next, we will test the 100% human-written samples. The first one is a pass—there is no AI suspicion. Though 100% plagiarism is shown because it detects that it is sourced from InfinitePeer

copyleaks human written 1

Human-Written Sample 2

The second one is also a pass. This one is also sourced from InfinitePeer, hence the 100% plagiarism.

copyleaks human written 2

Human-Written Sample 3

The third sample is from a Forbes article. The last sample is also a success, though, of course, it will detect plagiarism!

copyleaks human written 3


Copyleaks did a good job at detecting both AI and plagiarized copy. It was able to detect 2 out of 3 samples correctly. The added benefit of Copyleaks is that it tests for both AI and plagiarism, which is a valuable combination for SEO professionals, content writers, and educators.

The human-written pieces all passed the test.

Can Copyleaks be fooled?

There seem to be several ways to “fool” AI-content detectors. Some ways we have done so in the past include:

  • Changing punctuation
  • Making spelling errors
  • Paraphrasing

We made a few small tweaks to the ChatGPT-created first sample text, which achieved an 87.8% match. We made two spelling mistakes, a few punctuation changes, and paraphrased a few sentences.

We put the exact same text through Copyleaks. These changes fooled Crossplag.

copyleaks fooled

Copyleaks was fooled, as there was no suspicion of cheating, though it did score 76.6% plagiarism which is a lower score than the original one.


A free account allows you to trial up to three pages—just enough to get a flavor for it.

The pricing tiers are:

  • $10.99/month, or $109.9/year for up to 100 pages (25,000 words) per month or 1,200 pages (300,000 words) per year.
  • $24.99/month, or $249.9/year for up to 250 pages (62,500 words) per month or 3,000 pages (750,000 words) per year.
  • $40.99/month, or $409.9/year for up to 500 pages (125,000 words) per month or 6,000 pages (1,500,000 words) per year.
  • Several packages have prices and limits above those, which are mostly geared towards institutions.


Our analysis of Copyleaks shows that it can reliably detect artificial intelligence and plagiarism. Every company that hires writers, content managers, or SEO specialists needs to have a reliable AI-detection tool. AI-generated content has its place, but many companies still need real writing that has been reviewed by a person.

If you have experience with Copyleaks, please write to us! We’d love to hear about our experiences and incorporate the feedback into this review.



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